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Our goal is to help you, the music makers, create evocative moments that move the rest of us.

Learn the 60 techniques that reliably produce frisson for listeners.

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Upload draft compositions to get instant feedback and increase frisson in your music .

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Draw inspiration from thousands of clips and see how frisson varies across genres.

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We think being moved by art to the point of frisson, or goosebumps, is one of the most enjoyable and important sensations humans can experience. It’s powerful. It’s nourishing. And its addictive. Our team has studied music-induced frisson for three years. We’ve talked with leading academics about how the effect works. We’ve built a dataset of over a million passages that listeners said were chills-inducing. And we've met with all of you, the music makers, to understand the challenges you face when trying to create great music.

We know its not easy to craft music that gives listeners goosebumps. We’ve heard from you that you are dealing with the constant stress of deadlines, the difficulty of figuring out how to be creative in the face of clients attached to temp music (or as one composer described it, “temp-itis”), and the ongoing struggle to get useful feedback on your music. But we also know that when you create a moment that really works, when you get goosebumps yourself and you see your music’s impact on listeners, it makes all these struggles worth it.

Thank you for joining our beta. We need your expertise to ensure these tools are yielding maximum inspiration and assistance during your creative process. Contact me directly to let me know what parts of the site are working for you, what new features you want, and anything that is annoying, confusing, or slowing you down.

Above all, enjoy the music.

-Jonathan Gatto, qBrio founder